For a while the channel 1 master pot on my Orange AD30 has been crackling when I turn it. Cleaning it out with contact cleaner didn’t do the job so being the DIY guy I am, I thought I’d get out the old soldering iron and fix her up.

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A while ago I purchased Mainstage 3 with the intent of incorporate it in to my live set. I’ve finally got around to setting it all up and have it working as a live looper. But this wasn’t without its frustrations, which highlighted some integral flaws in using Mainstage. Luckily I’ve been able to work around this.

I started playing around with Loopback, the loop creation plugin shipped with Mainstage. It works pretty well for the most part, its easy on the eye and ties in perfectly with the Mainstage Layout. There are however some major flaw.

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Hey peeps, its been too long I know!

Start of the year is always flat out busy for me. Things are starting to cool off a little and soon Ill be adding posts again more frequently.

For now I have a treat for you! Summer is the second single off my Debut EP. Its based on Summer time in my hood and feature the vocal stylings of D To Tha Frizzle, make sure you check him out http://www.dtothafrizzle.com/.

If you like Summer time, beers, babes and the beach this track is for you. Enjoy!

As always, a review on my unearthed page would be hugely appreciated!!! https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/chris-rowe

It is finally done, and boy am I glad! I met my deadline and there will be no more painstaking late nights to finish it off… Until the next release.

But it is great to finally have my music out there for the world to listen to. I might only sell five copies but I achieved what I set out to do.

You may have notice my last blog post was some time in July. I will no longer have to neglect the website and I look forward to sharing some of the things I initially set out to share along with more album reviews.

But for now, please enjoy the single from the Debut EP titled Perfect.
You can check out all my tracks at the Music section of my website. If you’re feeling generous you can even purchase the EP through my BandCamp or iTunes

The first post. how exciting!

SO I think I have the website looking good enough to finally make it live. Still a few tweaks to make and of course content to add.

Im currently in the recording stage of my debut solo EP. Over the weekend I recorded drums with Ethan Darnell behind the kit. I’ve known Ethan for a few years and have always admired his drumming style. The sessions went pretty swimmingly and he was tight on the beat. The kit sounded great also.

Ill report back soon with some pictures and a more details explanation of the recording processes. For now, time to start writing some album review blogs!