Orange AD30 Potentiometer Replacement

For a while the channel 1 master pot on my Orange AD30 has been crackling when I turn it. Cleaning it out with contact cleaner didn’t do the job so being the DIY guy I am, I thought I’d get out the old soldering iron and fix her up.

It was quite hard finding information online about what potentiometer type I required. After pulling the amp apart it was obvious so I thought i’d share this here.

If you are going to pull your amp apart please take extreme caution as the voltage can be high and dangerous! Be carful not to touch any of the components on the board.
Orange AD30 Pots

NOTE: In some cases potentiometer letter markings mean different things. This usually depends on their age.

A pot marked ‘A’ indicates it is Logarithmic where ‘B’ indicates it is Linear.
The Ohm value of the pots are indicated in the image. The two master posts are dual gang (6 pins) where the others were single gang (3 pins).

Most of these pots can be found quite easily at electronics stores or ebay but the master post which I needed to replace was especially hard to source. A big thanks to the guys at The Rock Inn music store who were able to contact Orange and source the part for me!

Removing the pot took some time but with a bit a soldering wick, a solder sucker and some patience I was able to remove and replace the offending component. With new power tubes recently installed the amp is sounding better than ever!

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for damage done to your amp or yourself.


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