Ali Towers – The Used Future: Review

In 2013 I was doing some live mixing at the The Boulevard in Joondalup (formerly the GBT). There was a three piece who had a residency for a short while who did the usual three sets of covers throughout the night. I knew the guitarist, James Darnell from his old band The Floors, who I used to go see at the underage gigs at Leederville skate park.

I enjoyed mixing this new group James was playing in, they played some good covers and did some cool medleys, mashing a few tunes up. I was having a chat with James and Ali between sets talking about what bands we played in and what music we liked. I was telling Ali how I wanted to get a solo thing going and he gave me a copy of his stuff to check out.


Ali is originally from the UK and moved over to Perth some years ago. His five track EP, The Used Future, is easy listen but by no means boring. The first thing that strikes you is Alis voice, he sings in a high register but its powerful! He’s one of those guys who can really use his voice as an instrument, not just an orifice that is expelling lyrics. He has this ability to stretch out notes with lovely vibrato and the recording has captured this really well, it sounds natural.

The other thing that makes this easy listen sound exciting is the presence of many different instruments. He is obviously a talented musician, composing parts for guitar, keys, brass, flute, strings, various percussion and classical guitar. Track three “This Fragile Track” is a great example of the excitement this instrumentation brings to the table along with Alis singing.

The style of the songs on here are great, they have a jazz feel in Alis voice and instrumentation choice but the music has a layed back blues feel. Tracks one and four especially. Its a real shame that contemporary music like this doesn’t get more exposure, I guess Red Foo is more appealing for some reason :/

I’m not really sure what Ali is up to these days or weather he is actually in Perth. Hopefully hes still out there making good music. Have a listen here for his tracks




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