Antistatic – Stand Up In Disguise: Review

Antistatic were another Perth band whom which I had the pleasure of seeing many times in my late teenage years. The band was formed in 2003 but split up in 2007. Although the band was around for a relatively short time they achieved a lot, and in my opinion were one of the best Perth bands at the height of their career. Their 2006 EP, Stand Up In Disguise is a shining example of their great work and the massive sound this three piece produced.

I remember plying this EP in my car and just loving the sound see guys had. It was a huge sound for a three piece and each instrument makes its mark.

Drews vocals are great. He sings in this weird register which is sort of high but still powerful. He often sounds like he is singing at the threshold of his range but he pushes his vocals hard and gets a great raspy sound. Then their is Drews guitar sound. I was always intrigued by what amp he was using, live it just looked like a black box on top of a Marshall cab. I guess we’ll never know, but regardless the sound was juicy.

Brodies drumming is amazing, he hits harder than any drummer I’ve seen. He’s a big guy and I’m not sure how he didn’t break his drum skins more often. Although his drumming is awesome the sound of the kit on is EP isn’t the most desirable. It’s a bit plastic and the sound is really upfront. For this music is fine but a littler more dynamics and air in the sound would have been better I think.

Then there’s Basin… On bass. There isn’t much exciting about the bass to be honest and he was a pretty stagnant on stage. But hey, following the rootnotes works for this sound. It PHAT.

From start to finish this EP is a joy to listen to. The title track is catchy and was always a great sing-along live. Most of the tracks follow a fairly standard formula and are all backed by a catchy chorus. Although Stand Up In Disguise was the track that brought these guys short lived fame and many accolades, the final track, Collapsia is the best. Broody kicks off the track with an awesome drum beat, exhibiting his hard hitting style. The rest of the band comes in on a weird off beat showcasing Drews skill in playing complicated riffs while singing. It’s a short and sweet, fast and loud track that gets to the point of what Antistatic was all about.

I can’t listen to this EP without thinking about my good friend Michael, who was probably the most obsessed Antistatic fan in Perth. He went so far as to having a home made banner and headband. I must find a picture of this.

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