Kimbra – The Golden Echo: Review

Okay, there are some good songs on this album. In fact, Miracle is one of my favourite tunes of 2014 but having said that I don’t rate this album. Having not really heard much of her music I thought I’d grab “The Golden Echo” and give it a go. After all there was so much hype around Kimbra and she’d just won a bunch of music awards. It’s got to be good right…. right……….?

So if you have’t heard Gotyes “Somebody That I Used to Know” featuring Kimbra, you must be living under a rock. This was my first exposure to Kimbra and I didn’t really see the big deal. In my opinion her part on the track was pretty standard but everyone seemed to be raving about her. It wasn’t until I heard her song “With My Hands” that my head turned and I thought, hey there really is something unique about her voice and her music.

Hows the voice! Pretty awesome right. She hits these high notes and does these awesome bends and vibratos. She really utilises her voice as an instrument producing all sorts of interesting timbres.

So on the radio I hear “Miracle” from her upcoming album “The Golden Echo.” Although I have stated I don’t like the album, this song is one of my favourite tunes from 2014. You can bet your bottom dollar it will be in the 2014 Hottest 100. Based on hearing “With My Hands” and “Miracle,” I assumed “The Golden Egg” would be great!

I’ve listened to the album a few times over trying to get in to it but there are only a few tracks that I can really get in to. The first track is a great opener and does it’s job. It starts soft, builds up and shows off Kimbra’s voice. “Miracle” (Track 5) is brilliant. The song has a solid backing band performance whilst showing off Kimbra’s vocals again. It’s fun to listen to, catchy and easy to sing along with. “Madhouse” (Track 7) is also great. Strong back beat with awesome production and as with the other two tracks the voice is a big feature again.

Every other track on the album I pretty much can’t stand. I don’t know any other better way to describe it other than it’s just not enjoyable. The sounds used are droaning and iritating and the whole thing doesn’t fit together as a work of art. As I look at the liner notes for the album there are different writers, producers and co producers on every track. Perhaps it’s a case of too many cheffs in one kitchen?

Have a listen to “Everlovin” (Track 8), I think that sums up my feelings pretty well. The keys at the start, that annoying high pitched sound, the melody playing in the background. It’s five minutes of the same sounds. To many of the tracks are all over the place like this.

“Rescue Him”  (Track 6) does the same thing. It drones on and just gets a bit too much after 2 minutes. There is no wow factor, hook or memorable moment that makes me want to listen again.

Another huge beef I have is with the track “Goldmine” (Track 3).

“I got a gold mine it’s all mine, Nobody can touch this gold of mine”

That’s the lyrics in the chorus. I am sorry but that is poor and lazy song writing in my opinion. Two writers and five producers and thats the best they could come up with..

To sum it up I don’t think these tracks work together in making a good album. I have to give props to Kimbra, she’s been blessed with an amazing voice and she is bound to do amazing things. Maybe her aim was to push the boundaries here but to my ears it is a mash of too many different sounds and ideas crammed into one place.








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